All OF OUR TOMBSTONES can be delivered as outlined below:

A headstone only (Typically for the Garden Section of a cemetery)

A headstone with frame, covered with white or grey crusher stone

A headstone with frame, covered with a full slab in granite or marble

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Tombstones in Kwa-Tema | Gravestones & Headstones

High-quality Tombstones in Kwa-Tema are great value for money

Being forced to think about death is never nice, especially not when someone really close to you passes away.  However, whether you like it or not, death has become part of our daily lives, and the sooner you accept it, the better.  Accepting death means that you also need to make peace with all the consequences that are a direct result of it though.  For example, funerals and the erection of gravestones are probably two of the most important arrangements with regards to the death of loved ones.  It is especially the erection of tombstones in Kwa-Tema that is of paramount importance.  The main reason for this being the case is actually twofold; on the one hand tombstones in Kwa-Tema serve to facilitate and precipitate the grieving process for family and friends, while it is also a great way to honour the memory of the deceased.

At Tombco in Gauteng, we can help you with the following tombstones:

Adult tombstones
Children tombstones
Double tombstones
Granite tombstones

Due to the fact that you and the other individuals who loved the deceased very much will most probably visit the tombstones in Kwa-Tema for as long as you yourselves live, it only makes sense to purchase high quality gravestones from the very beginning.  This will subsequently ensure that the tombstones in Kwa-Tema will truly last a lifetime.  As such, you save other family members or friends both the trouble and the money of having to repair or replace the tombstones in Kwa-Tema sometime within the future.  For this reason, it might be a great idea to conduct business with Tombco Gauteng, seeing as we only manufacture and supply marble and granite gravestones; selecting either one of these will thus serve to give you the peace of mind knowing that you will get great value for your money.

Tombco Granite Tombstones

Look no further than Tombco Gauteng when in need of Tombstones in Kwa-Tema

As mentioned elsewhere in this article, the staff employed by Tombco Gauteng places a rather big emphasis on the quality of the tombstones in Kwa-Tema that we manufacture and supply to the general public.  Due to the fact that everyone employed by Tombco Gauteng also loses loved ones to death on a regular basis, we would like to purchase high quality tombstones in Kwa-Tema the first time round.  This completely eliminates the schlep associated with repairing or even replacing tombstones in Kwa-Tema at a later stage in time. 

Seeing as Tombco Gauteng has been competing within the tombstone industry for approximately 17 years already, we have come to know and understand the needs and wants of our target market and subsequently conducts business in such a way so as to fulfill their different requirements.  This is also the reason why we at Tombco Gauteng manufacture and supply such a wide range of gravestones, including adult stones, child stones as well as double stones.  The lifetime guarantee that comes with all tombstones in Kwa-Tema available from Tombco Gauteng is another reason why you need not have to look at any of our industry competitors when your loved ones pass away.

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Death is certainly not a topic that is discussed on a regular basis.  This is quite understandable though, seeing as none of


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We really cared for our customers and are prepared to go the extra mile. We care for you and your loved ones. We respect our customer’s needs and realize that choosing a tombstone for a loved one is a serious and important decision and we would do anything in our power to make the process easier for our customers.

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