All OF OUR TOMBSTONES can be delivered as outlined below:

A headstone only (Typically for the Garden Section of a cemetery)

A headstone with frame, covered with white or grey crusher stone

A headstone with frame, covered with a full slab in granite or marble

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Tombstones / Headstones in Heatherdale Pretoria – Tombco

Need tombstone supplier in Heatherdale? Let Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite assist. We understand that losing a loved-one is an extremely difficult time. Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite will assist you to find the perfect tombstone in Heatherdale / Pretoria to commemorate your loved-one’s life. A tombstone will provide a beautiful memorial for your loved one’s grave, for you, family members and friends to visit when you feel the need. It is important to remember that the tombstone will stand as memorial for many years to come – which is why it is essential to choose high quality headstone from a reputable tombstone manufacturer to ensure a lasting headstone. Find the right tombstone in Heatherdale, Pretoria at Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite. We will help you to find the perfect tombstone to fit your needs and your funeral budget.

Range of headstones available – Tombstone designs in Heatherdale, Pretoria

Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite has been in the tombstone manufacturing business for many years, making us a reputable choice of tombstones suppliers in Heatherdale and other Pretoria areas. We have gained extensive knowledge in the process of manufacturing and installing headstones, enabling us to provide our clients with high quality tombstone products and excellent service.

Our wide range of tombstones available in Heatherdale includes:

  • Adult tombstones / headstones: Find tombstones in various designs, shapes and sizes, in affordable to more expensive price ranges, in our range of adult tombstones. The Adult headstones are divided into three categories: Standard, Executive and Budget tombstones for you to choose from.
  • Double tombstones / headstones: Companion headstones are a popular choice for family graves and loved-one’s who wish to be buried together. If you are looking for a double tombstone for family members, you will find a wide variety available from Tombco Gauteng.
  • Child tombstones / headstones: We have designed a beautiful range of headstones for the graves of babies and children. If you require a special child-friendly tombstone design for a child’s grave, you will find a wide range of suitable tombstones at Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite.
  • Granite tombstones / headstones: Granite is an excellent choice for manufacturing tombstones, due to its high strength and long lifespan. Our range of granite headstones are manufactured according to the highest standards, offering you a very strong and durable tombstone in Heatherdale, Pretoria to fit your needs.

If you have a special design tombstone in mind, you are welcome to discuss this with a consultant at Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite. Our team will aim to assist with your special requests and needs.

Tombstones / Headstones in Heatherdale Pretoria

Leading supplier of tombstones in Pretoria – Heatherdale and other areas

Contact our professional and friendly team at Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite to get a headstone in Heatherdale, Pretoria for your loved one’s grave that is not only high quality, but affordable too. We will complete the lettering of your tombstone message, and also install the tombstone for a lasting result. Get a headstone quote today.

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Death is certainly not a topic that is discussed on a regular basis.  This is quite understandable though, seeing as none of


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Montana Granite was founded in 1984. Montana Granite became well known over the years with quality, excellent service and trust. We are proudly South African and very proud to give as many as we can South Africans work today.

We really cared for our customers and are prepared to go the extra mile. We care for you and your loved ones. We respect our customer’s needs and realize that choosing a tombstone for a loved one is a serious and important decision and we would do anything in our power to make the process easier for our customers.

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