All OF OUR TOMBSTONES can be delivered as outlined below:

A headstone only (Typically for the Garden Section of a cemetery)

A headstone with frame, covered with white or grey crusher stone

A headstone with frame, covered with a full slab in granite or marble

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Selecting the Material for Your Tombstone – Tombco Gauteng

Not quite sure about the different material used to manufacture tombstones and have no idea where to start? Tombco Gauteng can assist. With years of experience in the gravestone manufacturing business, we have gained extensive knowledge about the process of manufacturing high quality and lasting tombstones. Here’s a short summary about the different material used in the manufacturing of tombstones, and the advantages or disadvantages of each:

Type of material used to manufacture tombstones

The material used for gravestones can basically be divided into two categories, namely stone or other materials such as wood and metal. The stone headstones can be manufactured from the following, some of which were only used centuries ago:

  • Sandstone: Sandstone was mostly used in the 1600’s to 1800’s, ad is a durable material, yet soft enough to carve and handle. Although some sandstone gravestones from centuries ago are still beautifully intact, others have delaminated over time.
  • Slate: Slate is a beautiful stone offering a tough and hard material for tombstones, yet due to its porous properties, it can deteriorate and delaminate quickly over time.
  • Limestone: Limestone, a sedimentary rock, forming in shallow marine waters. This rock takes well to carving, yet lettering may become unreadable over time due to deterioration.
  • Marble: Marble was popular during the 19th century to manufactured tombstones, and is a recrystallized form of limestone. This material is both strong and beautiful, yet inscriptions are likely to fade over the years.
  • Granite: Granite is considered an affordable, hardy and durable stone, and is also resistant to extreme environmental conditions. Granite is an excellent choice when it comes to selecting a material for your loved-one’s tombstone.
Tombco Granite Tombstones

Granite headstones – Colours and designs

You are able to choose from different granite colours, all equally beautiful, to suit what you had in mind for your loved-one’s headstone. Our colour options include of African Red Granite, Carrera White Marble Granite, Multi-coloured Granite, Zim Black Granite and Rustenburg Grey Granite. We also have a few different tombstone ranges to choose from when it comes to the design and size of the headstone, which includes:

Contact Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite today for more information about our range of headstones, designs and colours available.

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Wording and Quotes on Tombstones

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Montana Granite was founded in 1984. Montana Granite became well known over the years with quality, excellent service and trust. We are proudly South African and very proud to give as many as we can South Africans work today.

We really cared for our customers and are prepared to go the extra mile. We care for you and your loved ones. We respect our customer’s needs and realize that choosing a tombstone for a loved one is a serious and important decision and we would do anything in our power to make the process easier for our customers.

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