All OF OUR TOMBSTONES can be delivered as outlined below:

A headstone only (Typically for the Garden Section of a cemetery)

A headstone with frame, covered with white or grey crusher stone

A headstone with frame, covered with a full slab in granite or marble

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Gravestone Suppliers in Gauteng – Tombco Gauteng

With so many gravestone suppliers in Gauteng to choose from, how do you ensure that you choose a reputable manufacturer that offers the best prices in the market? Trust Tombco Gauteng to assist. At Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite, we understand that the selection of a tombstone for a loved-one’s grave is very difficult, yet very important. This headstone will serve as a memorial to honour your loved-one’s life here on earth, providing you with a lasting marker for your loved-one’s grave.

Contact our professional and friendly team at the trusted gravestone suppliers in Gauteng for assistance to find a suitable and affordable gravestone for your family member’s gravesite.

Tombco Granite Tombstones

How to choose a headstone – Material & Design

Buying a headstone is considered an investment, as you would want the headstone to last for many years to come. A headstone also has a very special purpose, to commemorate the lost loved-one’s life. There are however a few important aspects regarding the headstone that you should take into account, which your gravestone supplier will talk to you about, in order for you to choose the best tombstone for your needs. Consider the following aspects when selecting a tombstone:

  • Material: The material is the most important part of the gravestone. The type and quality of material will ultimately determine how long your headstone will last, and whether it will withstand the harsh weather conditions in South Africa (sun, rain, hail and snow). Granite for example is considered one of the best choices when manufacturing gravestones, as this material is very strong, and will last for many years to come.
  • Design: The design of the gravestone is often a difficult choice, as this is where personalisation and preference comes in. You will be able to choose from a number of different and unique designs, ranging from standard tombstones shapes, to more intricate and exclusive designs. Your gravestone supplier in Gauteng
  • Installation: Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite will also handle the tombstone installation as well as lettering, to ensure that you do not need search for other companies to assist, but that all your tombstone services are handled under one roof. Trust the leading gravestone supplier in Gauteng to supply you with a well-rounded service.
  • Price: The price of the tombstone also needs to fit into your funeral budget. Gravestones from Tombco Gauteng / Montana Granite are very affordable, and we also have a Budget headstone range for tight funeral budgets.

If you are in need of the assistance of a trusted gravestone supplier in Gauteng, contact Tombco Gauteng, or visit one of our showrooms in the region. Our professional and friendly team will help you to find the best tombstone that meets your expectations.

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Wording and Quotes on Tombstones

Death is certainly not a topic that is discussed on a regular basis.  This is quite understandable though, seeing as none of


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Montana Granite was founded in 1984. Montana Granite became well known over the years with quality, excellent service and trust. We are proudly South African and very proud to give as many as we can South Africans work today..

We really cared for our customers and are prepared to go the extra mile. We care for you and your loved ones. We respect our customer’s needs and realize that choosing a tombstone for a loved one is a serious and important decision and we would do anything in our power to make the process easier for our customers.

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